Live Audio

Got a band?  Need an audio engineer?  We’ve got you covered.  We use current year, top of the line audio equipment by Allen & Heath®, Presonus®, JBL®, QSC®, dbx®, Lexicon®, Alesis®, Mackie®, Shure®, Whirlwind, Mogami® and Monster® to ensure spectacular sound.  We can customize our sound system to fit your needs, from small acoustic acts to thundering rock bands, harnessed by an experienced sound technician.

Dance party?  No problem.  We’ll drop bass bombs and light up the dance floor to keep it going into the night.

We love the outdoors!  We are equipped with generators and tents for outdoor events where electricity or weather can be unpredictable.


Our live audio services include:

  • Digital Allen & Heath mixers
  • Digital Presonus mixers
  • QSC K12, KW152 and KW153 mains
  • JBL PRX615M mains
  • QSC KW181 subwoofers
  • Up to 8 Powered monitors (separate mixes)
  • An assortment of cardioid, supercardioid and condenser mics
  • 150 ft Snake
  • Stage and dance floor lighting
  • Live multitrack audio recording
  • DJ and MC services


Our three most popular packages:

The Essentials:
3 hour show
1-2 bands
Digital 16 ch. mixing
2 mains, 1000w ea (RMS)
2 monitors, separate mixes
1-6 mics (vocal + instrument)

4 hour show
1-4 bands
Digital 24 ch mixing
2 mains, 2 subs, 1000 w ea
2 monitors, separate mixes
1-8 mics (vocal + instrument)

The Works:
6 hour show
1-6 bands
Digital 24 channel mixing
4 mains, 2 subs, 1000w ea
4 monitors, separate mixes
1-10 mics (vocal + instrument)

We also have stage and dance floor lighting available, please inquire within!

Please visit our FAQ section and then feel free to contact us with any other inquiries.


Allen & Heath®, QSC ®, JBL ®, Mackie ®, Shure ® and Monster ® aren’t just excellent brands, they’re registered trademarks.